skyline 6x silverbelly stetson
hat band stetson
hat band silverbelly

Stetson Skyline 6x Silverbelly

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  • New Frontiers Collection
  • Hecha de Castor
  • 6X Quality
  • Borde 4"
  • Corono 4 5/8"


  • The Stetson Skyline western hat from the Frontiers Collection
  • Genuine 6X beaver fur felt retains a subtle sheen, soft hand, & durability
  • Self band with three-piece buckle set accent
  • Naturally breathable leather sweatband
  • Classic cattleman hat styling
  • Made in the U.S.A.


CARE/MANTENIMIENTO: Despues de usar tu texana, le recomendamos:

  • Nunca dejarlo a dentro de los caros en tiempo de calor.
  • Agarrar por dentro 
  • Nunca tocar con los dedos en la copa y ala
  • Usar esponjas, cepillos, y liquidos adecuados para la limpieza
  • Usar cepillo claro y otro cepillo para colores oscuros


1. Never store your Stetson right side up on a flat surface.  This could cause the brim to flatten.  Store upside down on a clean surface or in a box

2. To remove surface dirt from a fur felt Stetson, use a soft brush starting at the left side of the hat and brushing counter-clockwise toward the back.  Repeat.

3. Because heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband, avoid exposure to stoves, radiators, lamps and car windows.

4. If fur felt Stetson gets wet, turn down the leather sweatband and stand the hat on the sweatband to dry.  Avoid resting the hat on its brim while wet.

5. To keep sweatband dry of perspiration and hairdressings, occasionally turn down the sweatband to dry when not being worn.

6. Clean water and grease spots on fur felt with baby powder or cornstarch. 

7. Hold your Stetson at the brim, in front and back, when removing.  Avoid handling the crown as much as possible.

Despite every effort to accurately duplicate each product's color when scanned to our website, actual colors may vary. Due to monitor and/or video card differences, subtle variations in color and surface texture may not be fully revealed.

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