Stetson Sagebrush Outdoor Hats

by Evanne Rios
Stetson Sagebrush Outdoor Hats


One of the most one-of-a-kind, versatile, and easy to wear hats are crushable hats. Most crushable hats are made of natural premium wool that they get from sheep. The one's who know, call it Shearing Sheep, but it's the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off by shearer. This process is harmless and a typical adult sheep is shorn once a year depending on the climate.

With that being said, what comes out of this beautiful process is clothing and accessories from nature.

And one that stands out is what you add over your head to get some cover from the beautiful sun and rain. It is a hat. But not just any hat... It's a Crushable. 

A hat that is so versatile, it is considered a western, fashion, and an outdoor hat.

And Stetson checks all the marks with The Sagebrush Outdoor Hat

Sagebrush Mushroom


When you want to go out, get a couple drinks, you can always stand out with the Sagebrush in Mushroom.  It is a fine masterpiece that will take good care of you if you can do the same to it.

It features a subtle braided leather hatband in clay, leather adjustable chinstrap for when you're going from place to place, and is lightweight for easy travel.

You can purchase the Mushroom Here


Good dependable hat for honest work any day of the week; in the dry summers, or in the wet ones. The Sagebrush will retain its shape after light folding so when you accidental drop it or somehow sit on it, it will pop right back to its original shape.

You can purchase the Mink here.

Sagebrush Mink

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