Best Stetson Cowboy Hats

Stetson is the most famous brand of western cowboy hats. Founded in 1865 by John B. Stetson, it has since reached all parts of the world to take the number 1 spot. 

Here is a short list of some of the best of Stetson in felts, wools, and straw hats.


The Skyline 6x

Stetson skyline hat

The Skyline is one of the most popular hats by Stetson. It is the most famous name of all the hats of the bran. The name "Skyline" is actually trademarked by Stetson for this particular hat. It features the traditional cattleman crown, 6x felt fur blend and has a traditional Texas style brim.  It comes in quite a few colors but the best sellers are in black  and silverbelly. The Skyline is a good first hat to buy high quality.


The Shasta 10x

Stetson Shasta 10x

The Shasta 10x is a step above in quality from the Skyline. It is softer to the touch because of the more beaver fur blend that is added to the hat making process. This is a hat you buy once you have already have owned a couple of 2x, 4x, 6x Stetson hats.  The crown reaches 5" with a traditional Texan brim and has a nice 3 piece buckle hatband. You can learn more or buy the Shasta here.

The Sagebrush

Stetson crushable hat Sagebrush

Now when in comes to crushable hats, the Sagebrush is like no other. It is perfect for outdoors and is currently the bestseller. It is unique with the shape and color.  It comes in Mushroom and Mink and is lightweight and perfect for all seasons in the outdoors. The other cool thing about it is that instead of a leather sweatband, it has Dri-Lex fabric sweatband.  Dri-Lex is moisture fabric resistant that makes the hat feel very comfortable on you head.


The Bozeman

stetson bozeman hat black

The Bozeman is very popular in the outdoor collection. It is versatile and goes well with almost anything you wear. The pinched crowned front and the wine colored leather hatband stands out from the crowd. It has a 4" crown, 3 1/4" brim with natural water repellant wool. Learn more about the Bozeman here


The Yancy

Stetson Yancy boater hat

Now the Yancy is one of those unique styles that look great for men and women.  It is perfect for late nights in Uptown or at your local town bar. it features bound edges and a colorful grosgrain hatband. The brim measure 3" perfect for the "I mean business" look. You can buy the Yancy in black and Phantom Grey here.



The llano is another best known hat from Stetson.  The good thing about it is that there are two hats with the same name. They are both from the San Angelo Collections. The black hat on the left is profiled as 16-Llano, and on the right, the chocoloate is profiled as 72-Llano. They both have the same satin lining, hatband and sweatband. It also comes in dark chocolate and black. This hat is perfect for your outback adventures or to purchase for you son or daughter.



Stetson henning hat

You want to talk about beautiful? This hat is nothing but is handsome from the profile, hatband and to its' color. The color is unique from almost all hats from Stetson and other brands. It boasts premium 6x fur felt in a brown clay color that is called Chestnut. It has an eye catching shiny concho with intricately designed front hatband with studs. With a traditional cowboy profile, it is perfect to "stand up, and stand out" from the crowd. Learn more about the Henning here.

This was just a short list of a few Stetson hats that we recommend. Whether its a crushable or a western hat, you cannot go wrong with a Stetson. All Stetson hats are handmade in USA with high quality materials and high standards.

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