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by El Potrero Western Wear

The Best New Zipper Boots 

Zipper Cowboy Boots

If you are looking for your new pair of boots, look no further than the new collection of the Zipper boots from Cuadra.

Each of these boots are hand-crafted in Leon, Mexico,which is the leather capital of the world. Not only are they comfortable, they are also easy to put on because of their side zipper.

cowboy zipper boot

The Molok Testa?

I am lucky to own a pair of these. Soft and supple, this is the flagship of the Zipper collection.

Cuadra ostrich boots

Ostrich Leg Cowboy Zipper Boot

Now the exotics. 

 There is no way to compare another boot to this exotic Ostrich Leg boots from Cuadra. The easiest boot to put on, and take off they say, and the look of a million bucks without sacrificing comfort. It features a smooth leather lining, genuine ostrich leg profile, and 11" clean and supple shaft so you can wear your strait cut, or skinny jeans.

zipper cowboy boots sharkskin

The Cuadra shark zipper boot is a unique urban boot designed for all your outfits. A lower and soft slim-cut shaft allows a perfect fit for your slim cut or cowboy jeans. It features a clean calfskin shaft, genuine sharkskin profile and side zipper for easy access. Handmade in Mexico, it's the most versatile and comfortable boot you need from your Cuadra collection

python boots with zipper

The python in zip-up style.
You cant really go wrong with python.  Especially if its a side zip. It features a stacked leather heel, leather sole with rubber for grip, and python profile and counter.

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